Dermatology Treatment and Phototherapy Clinic based in Century Medical Suites has
opened up the first Atopy school in Africa in partnership with La Roche-Posay. 

The aim of atopy school is to improve both compliance and the quality of life of patients
and their families.

The school has been established and specifically dedicated to the treatment of patients
suffering from atopic eczema (commonly known as eczema). It is run by dermatologists
and nurses that serves the patient in order to specifically address his or her issues, ie. 
understand the disease and its evolution.

The atopy school is first and foremost a forum for listening and exchanging, both for
parents and children. We hold highly interactive workshops or therapy groups organized in
the presence of doctors and nurses. During these meetings, the patients can freely talk
about their disease, fears and daily life. These educational workshops are an excellent tool
to learn, share knowledge and experiences.

The difficulties inherent in the treatment, the lack of knowledge, and isolation often cause
despair among children and their parents. They need to talk about their disease, their daily
life and fears. This takes time, listening skills, counseling and professionals to talk to and
we can help improve your child’s life everyday.