The Dermatology Treatment and Phototherapy Clinic (DTPC) | Cape Dermatology Clinic is one of the few dedicated private Phototherapy clinics in Cape Town which provides a specialist phototherapy treatment and the only one providing the topical treatment for private patients suffering from chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo and skin lymphoma to count among others. 

All treatments are carried out by our highly trained Dermatology Nursing team who are supported by our associated Dermatologists.

The DTPC is here to provide you with a piece of mind, convenient and immediate treatment for all your skin conditions. At the DTPC, we care about your skin.




DERMATOLOGY TREATMENT & PHOTOTHERAPY CLINIC, Century Medical Suites, 4 Park Lane, Central Park, Century City, 7441

Operating Hours: Monday - Friday (07H00 - 16H00)

Tel: +27(21) 250 - 0211