In contrast to many chronic disorders, there are no validated programs to help patients with chronic skin conditions achieve effective self-management and compliance with topical treatment is poor when used as an outpatients hence patients skin flares. In response to these realisation, the services of the Dermatology Treatment & Phototherapy Clinic were conceived in order to provide a top quality phototherapy and a controlled environment for careful application of topical care for patients suffering from various skin diseases.


In people of all ages, we show how topical therapies can be used to maintain and control skin conditions safely and effectively. When offering topical agents, we:

  • offer advice and practical support that take into account the person’s individual needs;
  • take into account patient preference, cosmetic acceptability, practical aspects of application and the site(s) and extent of psoriasis to be treated;
  • discuss the variety of formulations available and, depending on the person's preference, use:
    • different preparations are used depending on the extent of the disease or the area being treated;
    • lotion, solution or gel for the scalp or hair-bearing areas;
    • ointment or paste to treat areas with thick adherent scale
  • patients are seen daily by the dermatologically trained nurse to evaluate tolerability and response to treatment;
  • offer continued care until a satisfactory outcome is achieved.

Scalp treatments:

Skin problems on the scalp may be especially troublesome and difficult for patients. The DTPC provides excellent patient education in combination with directed therapies for scalp conditions.

Psoriasis treatments:

DTPC do structured psoriasis-focused self-management programmes to improve patient wellbeing and disease control compared with standard care.

We give educational support for self use and unsure treatment is given in a specialist setting for short-contact dithranol and lassars paste.

Wet Wraps:

We offer practical support and advice about the use and application of topical treatments.  Advice is provided by healthcare professionals who are trained and competent in the use of topical therapies.

Eczema - Wet wraps for severe eczema

Indications: For severe eczema

When your child has been prescribed this treatment nurses from the Dermatology Department will demonstrate how to apply the bandages.

Generally when this treatment is initially started the bandages remain in place for 24 hours and are then changed. Gradually as your child's condition improves and as instructed by medical staff this may be reduced.

Cotton bandages or cotton vests/legging worn on top of creams can help keep creams in the skin and stop scratching. Sometimes these may be applied as ‘Wet wraps’ which can be useful for short periods.

DTPC have specialised garments for purchase that can be used easy and effectively for wet wraps.